Seeking Suggestions!


As I sit here in my room filled with windows, looking out over acres of ground, which is quickly being covered by the snow that is falling (yet again), I find myself thinking of what I would like to be doing today. What would I like to do on days such as this one? On days when I’m unable to get out of the house or just don’t feel like getting out in the snow. And as sure as I am that my name is Christine; I am also sure that I want to write.

So  I do. And I have. But I want more.

I want to write for a magazine, blog, or something similar. A place where I can be a featured writer, writing recurring articles on…what else? Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Uconditional love!

That would make me happy. And would definitely be helpful in moving forward.

Any ideas? I begin a search today for this position I seek. I welcome any and all suggestions!

In Gratitude ~Christine


3 thoughts on “Seeking Suggestions!

  1. You are such a wonderful writer! Have you considered Today’s Christian Woman magazine?

    There are also several web based, .com magazines such as “I Believe Daily” and “I Love Devotionals”? All are excellently produced and something to look into. Perhaps you can get a lead from there. Hope this helps, blessings,


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