Coming in a Few Days!

Coming Soon!

In a few days my published booklet will be available online! I will make it available here on my website. The working title ( as it could change all the way up to publishing) is :

Your Journey to Abundance

3 Steps to Unlocking Your Best Life YET!

I am, as always, ever so grateful for all you who support me and follow (read) my blog. Some of you have been here since I started this journey! I am looking to all of you, to not only buy the booklet (it will be very inexpensive and I hope we can all support one another! I will like to reciprocate) but please also give me feedback, tell me what you think. Those who are interested in the attributes of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love, (and how they affect our life and our ability to realize the abundance God wants for us) I want your feedback too!  Whether friend, family, acquaintance or new to the site; I would be very pleased if you read and reviewed my booklet! YES…it is a booklet; it will only be about 30 pages or so! Just enough to keep your attention! I hope! 😉

This booklet contains my thoughts, thoughts that I have formed after 6 years of research; I love to have discussions on these subjects! I do not expect everyone to agree, and some may not even understand, but I do hope that this booklet will touch some….even if only a few. I want to help others learn how to begin the journey towards their own abundance. And as this booklet says:
“there are different types of abundance, we all are satisfied in different ways…..on different levels. But how we get there is pretty much the same for all of us. And that is what this book is about. How to achieve abundance in our life. The abundance that will satisfy you…maybe not your neighbor, but you.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg; in regards to my soul journey! I am hopeful that I will write and publish many more booklets, books, etc….. on the subjects of Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Love! Books illustrating how we all can benefit from practicing these attributes in our lives so that we can live our best life! The life God wants for us! The one we were born to live.