My Five day Random Act of Kindness Challenge!


This week has been extremely busy!! I love being busy but it makes it hard to slow down enough to write! When I am writing I need my mind uncluttered …. Ha! What’s that?! Lol. I went and bought some crystals and candles to help with my prayer time. I feel I need the grounding. It’s helping.

I want to tell you about my first day of the challenge!! It was amazing. I had no grand plans, just buy the person behind me at Starbucks their drink ( or whatever their order was comprised of) I was praying all the way into town ( about 25 miles) that I would use this challenge to further grow in my walk with God;and SEE the opportunities around me.
I pull up to the drive thru and place my order, I pull up to the window, as I get ready to say I want to pay for the car behind me the cashier says ” the car in front of you paid for your drink!” I just started laughing! I’m sure she thought I was mad! I quickly explained what happened and she was so excited, she said that earlier in the day it had happened and the “pay it forward” continued for 12 cars! :).ย ย  ( Here is the link to see the original post and challenge )

I love it! And I felt God talking to me. And I really love that!

This has been a good week! Going to bed in gratitude and waking up the same has always proven to be very uplifting for me; but spending time, making an effort to continue that mind set throughout my day, and being kind randomly, has proven to create magic!

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