How to Recognize the Toxic People in Your Life.


Some people (most of us) have a hard time following (trusting) our gut! Our intuition was a gift given to us by God. A gift to help us navigate through this life. So why is it that most of us ignore that special gift? We make our lives harder than they need be.
With that in mind I saw an episode of Oprah’s Life Class with Dr Phil about his book Life Code. Here is something I found very interesting and wanted to share.

Baiters- people who need to be out of your life –
Abuser ( emotional too)

The Evil 8- signs to look for to identify these people-
1.Arrogant entitlement
2. Lack empathy
3. No remorse/guilt
4. Irresponsible/self-destructive
5. Thrives on drama
6. Brags about outsmarting others
7. Short term relationships
8. Fantasy world/delusional

Problem is most people DO NOT recognize or HEED the warning signs! There is also a list called the Nefarious 15 which lists the ways these people will infiltrate your life. I will post that next! Be on the look out! It is eye-opening! Sad to say I believe most of us will recognize BAITERS in our own life!


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