Patriots,Veterans, and Bikers….


Whether you agree with the type of media coverage you get from a station like The Blaze they seem to be the only media outlet (other than a few locals) who are covering the 2 Million Bikers to D.C. rally today.

This rally was originally created in protest to the fact that another rally (Million Muslim March) was permitted to hold a rally today, on 9/11, to protest the fact that Muslims feel victimized here in America since 9/11.  I think the general feeling is that this is not the proper day to have that rally, any other day would be just fine! So these bikers (many being veterans and all patriots) decided to ride on DC this day in opposition of the other rally. But….while the MMM was granted a permit to rally the bikers were not ( and there is a legitimate traffic concern with over 50,000 bikes coming through). Their application was denied. They are still headed to D.C. under a different agenda?? maybe…. it is now to honor the hero’s of 9/11 without mention of the other rally, well except for the fact that it was already mentioned. They should start their ride through the capital at 11:00AM…in about 5 minutes.

It is almost impossible to see this anywhere but on individual youtubes or FB uploads but if you are interested in seeing some pictures, and hopefully some video or coverage as it happens ( I do not know that for sure) you can check out the   here is a link to some coverage they have compiled… 

Here also is a link to a live traffic webcam in DC  

Not sure which one to watch……

So I’m interested in watching this and interested in anything patriotic on a day like today.

God bless all those survivors and their families and God bless all of us.