To Forgive………….



to give? Yes…to give the gift of peace. To forgive is to find peace….for you. Maybe as a bonus someone else will find peace….but truly, it is for YOU!

I have always said that holding onto unforgivness is like a poison to ourselves. It hurts us more than it can ever hurt another. The anger, grudge,hurt,pain….will all eat at our soul. These emotions will work on our heart until it is as hard as a stone and that is a place that is difficult to come back from. Although with God all things are possible so I know we can.

Forgiveness,gratitude, and love….are the most important things, in my opinion, in our lives. If we choose to practice these three things we will be walking with God and can do anything.

It’s what I believe.

I’m a pretty simple person. 🙂

I send love to you today!  I’m filled with gratitude for my life and for having God in it.