Let go the need to know….


Why do bad things happen? We can ask that question every minute of every day until the end and probably never get an answer…. Not fully with any satisfaction. But do We need to ask (should we?) ? Or do We just need to accept the experience as it is?
Which gives us more power? Do We really gain power by knowing why it happened? Or does our power come from letting go of the need to know?
Ahhhhh! Yes!
I know for me as the days pass , my power is coming from letting go of the need and accepting the strength that doing so seems to be giving me.
It’s not easy… But it does seem to be going that way. I do seem to be gaining an immeasurable amount of confidence and power from the experience.
When I wanted to know why something like this had happened…. I was stuck. I couldn’t move past the need to know.
Once I started entertaining the thought that maybe I should let go of the question….I could feel a surge of self-assurance and power.
I trust in Gods plan and if I trust then I know why bad things happen, at least I know as much as I need to! The finer details will be revealed one day…. Just maybe not today, or tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Let go the need to know….

  1. You are right, we have to trust in God and believe that he is in control. Trying to figure out why bad things happen will just make things worse – all it did was frustrate and depress me. God will reveal his plan to us someday.


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