Day two? or is it three?




As the fog lifts there is only pain. Pain,pain,pain, and more pain. Time heals all wounds, here’s to hoping! Can this ever be the same again? I do not think so. I mean how could it be? My life was blown to pieces….do you can you come back from being blown into tiny little pieces?  Maybe….

This morning as I was hugging my husband…no he hugging me, over his shoulder I read a quote I have written on the wall…. ” Faith is not believing that God can- it is knowing that he WILL. “

I take comfort in that. I know that God will deliver me, one way or the other, out of the hole I am currently residing in.

I have faith.

I wonder if he does? I hope so. I feel bad that I write because that means people will ultimately know and I feel bad for that but I can’t not write. I could write privately….but I don’t want to. I guess that is the price you pay for being married to the soul of a writer. Or being married to me. Maybe that was not such a good choice on his part? Maybe he is rethinking that decision he made 13 years ago? Maybe…. doubtful…cause I’m pretty awesome! Ha! Levity….a good thing!

I know this is not much of a post today…there may be more, but for now this is it. I still have not eaten since Thursday….well…I did eat some meat yesterday (protein, its something) other than that Nada. I am just a bit too nauseous to eat yet and honestly it just doesn’t make sense to eat right now. Fasting can be a good thing. I will turn this into a fast.

3 thoughts on “Day two? or is it three?

  1. I wish that I could give you more peace, but KNOW THIS… The “you” that will come out on the other side will be stronger and better for it. After losing everyone, I realized that it was only me that I had to be true to and like and when that happened a new world opened up in a big and very beautiful way. I didn’t need other friends, but suddenly they were being drawn to me in a way that I had never experienced before and it was because I became who I was meant to be.

    This may not add much to you now, but in time you will see that this experience will create something beautiful in your life, I promise.


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