Looking for a Miracle!

Picture from Angelicview.com
Borrowed picture from Angelicview.com

I have very colorful,imaginative, and interactive dreams! Interactive in the sense that I feel as though they are real. When you have an active dream life, and I understand not everyone does , sometimes they can feel a little more real than other times. When you have a busy dream life you get used to the activity every night, you also become a little in tuned to when there is a difference.  Yes, there are differences. My dreams are like movies, really out there and colorful (usually) very imaginative; but sometimes I wake up feeling as though I had a visit and not just a dream.

There is one particular dream that I am thinking of today and the picture above represents it well. I put in a search for angels in Google and this picture stood out for me. In this dream I was walking through a beautiful green pasture when I came around a corner that opened up into a yard, there was a small cottage in the background and a tree with a swing. The best way for me to describe this yard is to call it a lovely English countryside type of yard and cottage. I was standing there when all of a sudden I looked down and there was a small angelic looking girl (meaning beautiful and innocent looking) wearing a white flowing dress with a ring of flowers on top of her beautiful long and curly blonde hair.  Then there was another girl, same dress, same hair, same ring of flowers, just a little older. They were beckoning me to follow them into the yard, they wanted to swing. They were beautiful and sweet…..they were too beautiful to not watch.

At the time I had no idea what this dream meant, although I knew, or I felt, it had been more of a visit than a dream. I felt there was a message and I felt they were angels.  I know this sounds like I now understand the meaning of the visit….I don’t. Sorry. But I think of those little angels, often, and I do know that for some reason I needed to see them, I need to remember them.I will tell you that I think it may be as simple as I have thought of angels and their existence for many years…..maybe they were showing me themselves because I kept asking them to? They did kind of act like they were making sure I knew they were not just pretty little girls…..they were angels.  So maybe that is it?

What I am sure of is that they have significance in my life, if for no other reason than to show me that angels exist and they are so beautiful you can’t look away…….

Today I need a miracle and the first thing I thought of were my angels. This miracle is private, it is between me, my angels, and God. I am only sharing because it reminded me of my angels and I wanted to share them with you. Because I believe in angels, and miracles! I believe at some point in our life we are ready for signs to be sent and received, and I believe I am there.  I have wanted this for years, but I do not think I was ready, even though I would have sworn I was……….

I also believe we can sleep right through our moment. Don’t sleep through your moment. Be aware! Be receptive to your signs, your moment when your angels will speak to you! They want to guide you to the path you are meant to travel in this lifetime! 

I believe we all can see/hear our angels and their signs, we only need to believe in the possibility and notice them!