Today is THE day!

duckToday is the day! I’m asking for people to pray for us/with us! My community of Eminence, Indiana needs your prayers! We have been gearing up for a battle to stop a duck processing facility from moving in across the street from our (and others) home!

The area we live in is zoned for agriculture but not for a processing facility, so this company has asked for a deviance to the zoning. The meeting is tonight! I’m sure it is not too hard to feel sympathy for our plight! Imagine if they were building this across the street from you home! Imagine if you are on Well and a commercial business, which uses a lot of water, were moving in next door! We have a very real concern for our long-term water availability! As well as many other concerns, not the least of which is; what this will do to our property values! As a Realtor I know what this will mean…..and I know you can imagine.

Please stand with us today and offer your prayer. We appreciate all the prayer and good thoughts we can get !

We need to stand together….one community!





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