United we stand………



Wow, I have been busy the last few weeks! Summer is in full swing and between school x 2, chickens, pool parties, and enjoying this beautiful weather, it becomes difficult to get here and chat with you!

Because I seem to only get here every few days (I promise you once the weather cools down again I will be here more than you want!) I’ve been spending a couple of days thinking about my topic for today’s post.  There is one particular thing that is sticking out in my mind.


I posted on my Facebook group page about this yesterday. I can’t remember a year like 2013! This year has proven to be the most divisive year I can remember.  We have the gun laws, we have the Treyvon Martin trial, we have MSM…either you love them or hate them, we have a president who has a huge job to carry out and you know no matter what he does there are people who hate or love him too. Race is an all too common topic anymore, and I thought having this president was going to bring our country together ; close a gap that was still present after all these years. But did it? No! That gap has gotten uncomfortably wider for so many people.  And why?

Our country is hypersensitive to everything going on. We are always on the lookout for more drama;the bigger the better. Everyone seems to want to get involved.  Why is this?  Is it the internet causing all the discord? Is it the president? Is it the MSM?

If I follow the same rules that I have in the past (and why shouldn’t I?) then it is US.  It is not our president, the MSM or the internet….it is not the guy down the street who is a grumpy neighbor, it is not that relative who loves to push our buttons, it is US. We are the only ones in control of how we react and what we think. Do we do our due diligence when coming to conclusions about what is happening in the world? Do we do our homework or do we jump on the bandwagon, stir the pot, without having all the knowledge about a situation?  And then blame everyone else for what is happening?

As I’ve always said, our attitude and reactions are the only things that we ultimately have total control over! It is our choice how we react in every situation.  It is our choice whether to jump on the divisive train that is slowly chugging through our nation or to stand our ground and be who we are! We know that love is what matters, we know that we are not to judge others;regardless of whether they are stirring the pot or not!

I say we can’t, in one breath, say we are about love and then, in another, join others in their divisive behavior! We need to only offer love and remember to remove ourselves from situations if we find that we can’t handle it. We are only human and if we get overloaded with negativity it is possible we can crack! We don’t want to crack…use your power and walk away! Walk away in love!  You can do that.

So this is what has been on my mind lately. I want to say I was very proud of the actions of those protesters who were outside the courthouse (and around the country)  on Saturday.  I’m saddened by some of the things I have heard being said…but I am proud that people are not reacting violently. Baby steps……. and in terms of baby steps this was huge!  I will take the victories where I see them, and I consider the peaceful reactions by protestors a huge victory for love! (and change!)

I offer many prayers to all those around this country and other countries who are feeling the divisiveness! I offer prayers of unity to the world. And I offer special prayers for peace to both families involved in the TM trial.

Sometimes, even though you may not see it as I do,  it is clear that we are making headway !