Someday I want to build a retreat Center out among the trees; a place where people will come to hear,see and feel everything I write about. A place where gratitude abounds and love fills the air. A place where people can learn to let go of what binds them and stops them from living their dreams.

A rejuvenation Center.

And a birthing center of sorts.

A place to bring forth the life we all are capable of living.

To wake up each morning; to be able to thank God for the day, then spend the rest of the day teaching others to do the same.

Wow… that would be me living my dream!

2 thoughts on “Someday……………..

  1. Awesome! I also have a similar dream – to build a centre where I can help people build esteem through ongoing workshops, residential training and confidence coaching. I pray that both of us achieve our dreams!


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