Where is the fruit? Out on the limb!

putyourselfoutthere2Recently (as you know) I have had a pretty full plate! While my plate, for the most part, is full by choice (OK, it is ALL by choice..I KNOW) that doesn’t mean I can’t get overwhelmed! Ummm…..cause I am! Or I was….

When I get overwhelmed I tend to doubt myself and get all wishy-washy about my goals. Like maybe I think I am not worthy. Simply put; I lose confidence in myself. I question myself and my actions.  This is where my mind has been over the last couple of days. I have spent too much time wondering if what I am doing is really that great or better yet, am I good enough to be doing it? Yep, there ya go! My blocks, my demons, you are witnessing the part of me that tries to destroy the good!

Fortunately I am learning in school what this is all about and how to recognize it and handle it when it happens.  If I did not know how to do this, as in the past, I can tell you I would wallow in the self-doubt and it most likely would take over and win! End result would be my dreams would fall to the wayside as so many dreams do!

Truthfully this is not what I wanted to write about today! It is but it isn’t…it is a little more rambling than I had planned, so let me get to the point!

What I want to say is this: Do not be afraid to put yourself out there! If you have a dream that you want to share with the world;  go for it! And once you go for it realize that you may have moments when you doubt yourself and your  dreams, that is a normal part of the process!  Do not be afraid! And try to remind yourself to not stay in that state of self-doubt too long! We can be conscious of the length of time we stay in any rut and we can make a choice to get out of it. It is not easy, it is hard, especially at first. But this, as with everything else in life, gets easier as we practice it! It will become a habit to check ourselves when we wallow too long! Trust me I know!

So move forward to your destiny, into the future of your dreams! You can do it! Stare that lack of confidence in its face and laugh! You can always take a moment to remind yourself of how on fire you were in the beginning! Catch that fire and get moving!