A life of Balance!


As I wrote about the other day I have begun my course to transition to a Broker license. I started yesterday, so far I love the course! Some of my friends think I am crazy taking on yet another course….(read earlier post and you will know what I mean!) but I love being busy! And am so looking forward to getting my license all squared away so that I can be active again!

I know that life is all about balance, so I strive to maintain a certain balance in my life regardless of what I am doing. Sometimes it can be a challenge. I am not finding this to be so much of a challenge. I think I have it down! I guess your level of enjoyment really does make the difference too!

Let me look at a typical day…….

*Wake up at 6:30 am

*Go out and take care of the chickens (I am a wholesome kind of girl 😉 who wants to eat free range eggs from her own chickies) this could mean cleaning out the coop and run or it could just be filling up the feed and water.

*I usually spend about 30 minutes or so out there with my chickies doing various things.

*Back in by 7:30am to get some coffee and sit down to do my devotion.

*After which at 8:30am I am sufficiently inspired to start writing an article for my website.

*Now it is about 10-10:30 and I will get up to do some chores around the house (basically take a break from sitting)

*Around noon I will get a bite to eat!

*1pm brings me to a study period. I will study my Empowerment Coach course and complete an assignment or two depending on the time it takes to study!

*3pm brings me to editing my book for 1 hour! Usually……

*4pm I will study for my Brokers test for 1 hour (maybe more)

*5pm I start dinner as my hubby will be home by 6pm

*8pm I head outside to get the coop ready for the night ( clean it if need be…refill food and water)

*9:30pm chickies go in and so do I!

9:30-10pm REST!

Between 10-11 pm I’m tucked into bed! Ready to do it all over again tomorrow with a few variations!

So…..I think I am doing a fine job of balancing all of my responsibilities! And loving every minute of it! 🙂

I hope everyone can take a critical look at their day-to-day schedules and find…. not only is their day balanced but they are joy-filled as they progress through the day! If not…**it is your choice to make it SO!

2 thoughts on “A life of Balance!

    • Thank you!
      We all struggle with finding the balance….unfortunately that is not a new thing. Wish it were……
      I wish you much success! I know if you want to…you will find your balance!
      Peace and Love~Christine


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