Weeds…..you just have to get rid of them!

weedThis time of year we see people in their gardens, maybe we have a garden of our own. We all know to have a beautiful, vibrant garden it is necessary to weed it. Yes! We have to stay on top of those pesky weeds, which if left unchecked, will choke the very life out of our beautiful flowers and plants!

All I want to say today is that we need to “weed” our personal LIFE gardens every once in a while also! Our lives can get bogged down (choked) by all the weeds in our life.  Weeds are those that suck the very life out of us! Just like the weeds in our garden (out in the yard) the weeds of our life need picking and dumping into the garbage! OH and a little pruning along the way sure can help to keep those weeds down in the first place! Makes the job easier when we get down to our “weeding”!