Are you an Encourager? Really?

encourage6I have noticed that sometimes we can get so passionate about what we believe in that we forget to check our words. I heard part of the Glenn Beck radio show this morning and was very disappointed in what I heard. A woman called in to tell Glenn that she felt he should put a twist on what he was saying because the way he phrased some of his words were negative. She went on to give him an example ( I would quote it here but do not remember it exactly) and he proceeded to tear this woman (she identified herself as old enough to be his mother) up!  He was talking about a rally that is coming up and that everyone needs to be there, in Washington, on Wednesday. He asked her if she was going to be there? She said she could not afford to but would love the opportunity. He then went off on her telling her that he too had been making excuses until now. And basically said if she can’t put aside her excuses, like he is, and be there, then she needs to shut it. She needs to stuff her positive words talk. He went on for so long and talked so much about himself and how his life is so hard and yet he is going to find time and money to go to Washington. He did not take a minute to recognize that even with his challenges, his life and the life of his listener, are on different levels.

This rant of his was sad to listen to. He took a great cause and turned it into a selfish, arrogant, rant about himself and what he is doing to change our government and save our country……or die trying. And that anyone who is not willing to do this is not as good as him.

Here is the thing…..I do not think he believes that. I think when Glenn Beck takes the time to think about things; he does care and wants to be an encourager . He wants to make a difference in the world. A person who wants to make a difference and has the passion he does, cares about people. His passion gets the better of him sometimes.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how our passion can cause us to get carried away; we don’t know we are hurting others, tearing them down. We are called to encourage each other.  1Thessalonians 5:11 ” So encourage each other and build each other up”

So my question is ; does this ever happen to you? I can admit there are times I walk away from a conversation and feel I could have done it better! I have wanted a do-over!  And this brings me back to one of my favorite words of 2013! “Meaningful” meaningful moments……be in the moment and make your moments meaningful. Every moment is special and we should treat it as such!  Think about your moments, live in the now, be grateful for every moment!

Maybe if we are more thoughtful, more meaningful, maybe then we will watch our words….even when our passion is running high!


4 thoughts on “Are you an Encourager? Really?

  1. Sadly, in his case, I doubt that he’ll think differently later. There are just some that are more interested in being what they see as “right” than being kind.


    • Oh that is very true Angela!
      It is terrible when someone who wants to do good doesn’t understand that….
      As always thank you for reading and commenting!


  2. The ego is a knife that separates us from others. I wish Glenn Beck would be more inclusive and less divisive. I think being an encourager creates community rather than hurts others. Wish I would have read your post earlier, before I got in a fight with my wife. {{{hugs]}} Kozo


    • Yes it is! I wish he would too…..
      Sorry to hear about the wife! See now you know to check my blog before you start a discussion! 😉
      Seriously….thanks for visiting and commenting!


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