The Fraud Complex!



I can’t be more ready than I am today! So why do I think I need more time? Why would I think that I am not ready…..yet?


The fraud complex…..not feeling worthy. When moving up the ladder of success this is a normal detour your EGO tries to take.  You are not worthy… long as you think you’re not ready….then you’re not.

Confidence!  You are worthy!

Confidence! You are qualified…enough!

Now….go forward and live the authentic life you’re meant to live!

2 thoughts on “The Fraud Complex!

  1. This really helps me after my day at work today. I’ve never looked at it like that. Believe it or not, even when you’re doing a great job, it’s sometimes challenging to stay confident. (Ive experienced a lot of this as of lately.) I think we as people are often too critical of ourselves. I also like to think it’s God’s way of testing our self-confidence and learning to believe in ourselves. Thanks for this, it really hit home (or work?) with me and made me look at things a little differently.


    • Dear Erica,
      You’re very welcome! You are right! I agree 100%, we are sometimes too hard on ourselves !
      I’m glad my post helped!
      Thank you for reading and for the comment!
      Love and Peace- Christine


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