Be Still…….(a repeat)



I originally wrote this in Sept 2011.  I ran across it as I was going through posts for my book, and it stuck out, so I wanted to re-post it today. I like it. Hope you do……  Please keep in mind; I do not write poetry!! LOL  I was feeling rather ‘loving” and “connected” at the time that I wrote this. But you will see I am no poet!!  Nor is grammar my strong point! (apparently!)  HA! I like to think I have grown some since this was wrote….but I made a decision to NOT edit things;I like to see my growth!




Be still and know that I AM…..(Psalm 46:10)
I AM the LOVE that you feel,
I AM the breath that you breath,
the heart that beats in you,
the stars in the sky,
the clouds that pass by,
the trees that stand and the birds that sing. I AM the eyes of the stranger you pass and the smile of that child…..I AM the music that stirs you, the very ground that you walk on. From the mountains to the sea….I AM….be still and hear me. Behold the wonders of this world…because I AM.