Ahem…..excuse me, can you please smile when you say that? OR did your face not get the memo!?


So you’ve been listening! You’ve accepted that your words have power and because of this they can hurt!  You have worked hard to make sure the words that come out of your mouth are thoughtful, meaningful, and caring. You do your best to be in the now while speaking and to weigh the words (you are going to speak) against the affect the words will have on the person(s) you are speaking them to. Bravo! It is a choice and I commend you (and me) for taking the positive steps to make that change; because we are caring people!

But let me ask you a question…..

How is your tone? Huh? Yeah! What tone do you have when you speak these well thought out words? How is your face? Are you smiling? Have your words reached your heart? Are you sounding and appearing sincere? OK, so not every situation calls for a  smile, I will give you that! But whether it is a smile or just being sincere, whatever is right for the moment, we need to make sure we are doing more than just parroting nice words. We need to mean it!  Yes, this change may not happen overnight but it is certainly something to strive for!

Sometimes I think people forget to clue their face in on the fact that their attitude is a good one!

Picture from Sodahead.com
Picture from Sodahead.com

Which makes one wonder…if their attitude is a good one after all?  Just talking out loud here!

The first step was to acknowledge the need to be thoughtful about our words; to care enough about others that we want to take time when speaking; so as not to offend. The next step is to tell our face and tone about it!  In my humble opinion; the way we deliver our (well thought out) words is pretty important too!

I know…I know….I am always asking so much of you (US)!

We need to do ourselves a favor and make sure our face,heart,&tone get the memo about the attitude upgrade!