Why Can’t I Stay FOCUSED?!!??

dreams7I’m supposed to be studying. I’m supposed to be doing my assignment. Don’t get me wrong, I have studied and done some of my assignment;but I’m supposed to be getting a whole heck of a lot more accomplished!!

So what is the problem? I’m finding it hard to stay focused. Why? Because I want to write….I want to read….I want to read things that get my thoughts going so that I can write about them. I like to get inspired, so that I can write. I’m constantly dreaming of what I can do *now* to get my thoughts out into the world for others to read or hear……

This is where my mind is most of the time (99.8%), it is wandering around the internet and the dream world, wondering what I can do next;other than school work! What can I read to inspire a thought? Something I can talk to you about it.

I know I should buckle down and read for the sake of finishing school, but I can’t seem to stay focused, I get side tracked with the whole…reading,writing,inspiring,encouraging,thing, ahhhh sounds like heaven to me!  But they do go hand in hand….. kind of,right?

I am studying Empowerment Coaching, breaking through our walls and learning not only to dream our dreams, but how to stop self-sabotaging, so that we can reach said dreams!! So while I want to help others break down their walls,I get side tracked in reaching my own dreams, which, as time goes on, seem more about writing and sharing on the subjects of Gratitude,Forgiveness, Encouragement & Unconditional love ( which ALL help break through those walls!), than learning how to one-on-one coach.

It’s not that I’m not interested in helping one person at a time (I’m interested in helping anyone), it is just that….. I guess my passion lies somewhere other than one-on-one coaching! I have this huge urge inside and a need to get it out, like God is pushing me daily to stop messing around and get it out once and for all!  I have a knowledge given to me by a power greater than myself or anyone walking this earth, a supernatural source! ( OK, I give you that one…it sounds pretentious! sorry!) But I feel the great I AM has put this in me and I can’t seem to contain it at most times! I fear that if I do not get it out, it will bubble over of its own volition; whether I’m ready or not! And sometimes I feel like studying and doing assignments is getting in the way!

Ahhh but I need to be grateful! I realize it is this very school that has taught me to reach for what I want! I had so much knowledge before enrolling, but I didn’t know what to do with it. As I have gone through my studies I have gotten more in touch with my source!  I have learned (more so than before) to be still so that God can speak to me! It was and is amazing! I am grateful to have had this opportunity! I only wish there was some way to graduate without having to do the “internship” part! The one-on-one coaching! It is hard when you feel like something, that is so time-consuming, is not helping you to reach your goals! Which now I realize it did help me, but I feel I am there now and need to get going!

When I give in and let myself concentrate on my dreams,what I believe I should be doing, I’m rewarded with that intuitive knowing inside;the knowledge that I’m on the right track! The only problem I can see is it led, no leads, me further and further away from one-on-one coaching! Which in turn makes it extremely hard to continue and concentrate. But continue I will! And it stands to reason, if I continue I will concentrate! HA!

So I guess I have made a long ramble out of what should have been a short easy answer. Why can’t I stay focused? Because I’m constantly dreaming of doing what I’m meant to do -100% of the time.

 I am dreaming that one day my dreams and my reality will collide!  And that is a dream I have for all of us!

4 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Stay FOCUSED?!!??

    • It is terrible…but then it is not. I guess it depends on what you do while you can’t focus! 🙂
      Looking at your sad face, I would say it is not a good thing for you. I hope it gets better!!


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