It’s been a while!

LOL….OK, so it hasn’t been that long! But today I realized I have not posted in two days!  In my book, that is a long time! So I thought I would drop by to show you what I have been up to  🙂   My husband and I’ve been building a Chicken Coop for our new feathered friends; this has kept me pretty busy for the last few days!

Here is a picture of the coop

coopSo you see I am not goofing off! Once we get our friends in their new home I will post a picture!

So, why would I want chickens? I am after all….NOT a chicken farmer or farmer of any other kind! But I am a girl who enjoys organic foods and spends a lot of money on a variety of organic and grass-fed meats,dairy,produce,etc….. I have decided to grow as much of my own as possible! I already have a garden, which I showed you last Spring ( I have not shown you this spring yet) so now I will produce my own free range organic eggs!

Don’t tell my husband but I am thinking of getting a cow next!  <EG>

Miss writing daily, will be back soon!

4 thoughts on “It’s been a while!

  1. Thank you for the follow. I’ve been fighting for time to visit your site. Am on my way out the door but would you kindly tell me if you’ve been getting comments (betw me and my readers) in your inbox? I hate to annoy readers like that and I’m having some technical trouble. I did set up the subscription so that followers get only posts.
    Will be back. Thanks so much.


    • Hi! Thank you for visiting! And you’re welcome.
      I do not recall getting any emails from your site with conversations. I can double check and let you know.


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