There is faith and then there is FAITH!

faithdoubtMan was not created to doubt. Doubt is man-made. Faith is God-given. God gave us the ability to discern, but some of us think on things so much that we leave discernment and head straight into doubt.  And fear is following right behind doubt!

I know doubt, I lived with doubt for years in my life. When I was little I would ruminate on a situation for so long I would leave doubt and go to fear. When you grow up with this habit what you get is an adult who is easily lead into fear; in every situation.

Since growing in my spiritual walk I learned to lean on God!  I learned to have a deep down in my heart faith that HE gave me discernment!  I learned to let go of the continued desire to think (doubt) a situation to death ! Because inevitably I went into fear and once fear got a hold of me it was nearly impossible to get out of that.

How did I make this change? It was a process which began with accepting the truth! Admitting that I had a problem I was incapable of “fixing” myself was the first step!

So we need to stand strong in our faith that God gave us discernment! We have to have faith that we are built with an inner “radar” to read a situation. We need to understand (admit) that if we are constantly being led into doubt and fear; then our faith is lacking!

Please do not be offended by that statement! Do you know there is a difference between Faith in the mind and faith in the heart?   I don’t want to write too long (or you may not read it!) so I will save this for my next post!  Because faith of the mind is completely different from a faith of the heart! And I want to talk about that!

Until then, Peace and Love to you all!


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