Got PUrPLe?



I have a very good friend named Jacky and she has Lupus! She would be tickled…purple, if you read this and wear purple on the 18th!  The following is a comment from Jacky!


It is May so it is time once again for this post. As you know or may not know, May is Lupus Awareness Month. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to become overactive and it begins to attack a person’s body. Some will develop Lupus due to a med they are taking. In this case, the Lupus resolves once the med is stopped. Some people will have strictly skin involvement. This is called Discoid Lupus. About 10% of people that have Discoid will eventually develop Systemic Lupus (SLE). SLE is the most severe type of Lupus, generally attacking organs and other body structures. Some people will have SLE and will never have issues with it. Others will die due to complications due to the Lupus. The most common cause of death is kidney failure, with heart failure being a close second. Lupus can be incredibly painful and disabling. Because it flares periodically, a person may not be capable of doing things they would normally be able to do. Even though it can flare and go into remission, the damage caused is permanent. There is no cure for Lupus and only one new drug has been developed in the last 50 years specifically to treat it. That drug is called Benlysta. Other treatments include Methotrexate (a type of chemo) and steroids with the goal being to suppress the immune system. As you can well imagine, the side effects from the meds can be as devastating as the disease process. Lupus is not a highly researched disease. There are few, if any, high profile people promoting research for new treatments and a cure. So I would like to ask everyone for their help. Would everyone please wear purple on May 18th