You can not destroy me!

discourage2Earlier today I found myself thinking back on times I have been so disappointed;I could not think straight! As I reflected back over these disappointing times, times when I have let myself down or others have let me down, I realized something pretty fantastic! No matter how many times I’ve been disappointed in my lifetime, I was never destroyed! I am still standing and more than that, I am still ready to keep on trying! I am still walking my path to realize my dreams! Nothing is going to stop me from my goal.

The bad times do not have to define me or destroy me!  I can get knocked down (and I have!) time and again, but I will always get back up!

I will get up, dust myself off, and start all over again! It’s who I am. It’s who you are. We all have this ability.

You and me; we can do it!

2 thoughts on “You can not destroy me!

  1. Yes, we all do have the ability to get back on our feet again. It’s like the saying goes….what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Life almost destroyed me, but with the help of God, I managed to get back up again. It’s a real shame that many people allow themselves to be destroyed.


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