Are You Strong Enough To Be The Change?



I want to thank a certain young woman (if you are reading this you know who you are) for reaching out to me today for some encouragement in her desire to write and her desire to share her wisdom with the world. What she does not know is that by reaching out to me, by allowing me to encourage her, she in turn has encouraged me. I’ve a passion for encouraging others to be the best they can be. By asking me for encouragement she helped me to reach that goal, to live my purpose. We all know when we’re connected to God, in that moment, when we are doing exactly what we’re meant to do, there is nothing more powerful! And so it was this afternoon as I wrote a reply to her.

Just as it is meant to be when you are living out your purpose; I was energized, my level of energy was off the charts. It felt good to share encouragement with her.

As I was encouraging her, something else interesting happened. As my energy rose I almost Auto-wrote a paragraph that, when I later read it, I realized it was a powerful message not only to her (I hope anyway) but it was a clear message to me as well!

This is that paragraph:

“We are arriving in a time in our world where much change is on the horizon. It has begun with people like you and me. We are not alone! There are many of us. And we will be heard. We carry with us a message of hope and light. I believe we have been given the task of bringing humanity back to God. And we will. We will all do our part. You are doing yours and will continue to do so. You will see as days pass you will get stronger and stronger in your purpose. (as I do)”

I just wanted to share this interesting bit of spirituality with you!  I love when God moves!
Have a good day!

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