Jeesh!! Learn to spell or go back to school!


What do you get from pointing out other people’s grammar mistakes? I mean really! What is the point? When I am reading a comment that someone leaves and the spelling is poor and punctuation non-existent, I just figure it out as best I can and move on! I do not see the point in policing another person on their skills or lack of.

I think it is mean-spirited. I know it may not come from a bad place, but how do you think the person on the other end of your “policing” feels when they read your comments on the mistakes they made? or how they need to go back to school? ‘Why is it when I read these comments, the mean-spirited ones, I am left feeling so bad for the original poster or commenter?

I see comments daily from people who do not have the best spelling and punctuation skills, but I never feel the need to bash them for it! I decipher, best I can, and I make a comment about the subject, not their lack of skills.  We are meant to encourage others and maybe you think this is encouraging! Maybe you think it is encouraging the person to get more education? It is not encouraging! It is tearing them down. Not everyone is as strong as the next person. Some people may be affected in such a way, by this criticism, that they will get educated so as not to be teased anymore. But some people (and you do not know which personality it is that you are dealing with on the other end of a computer, or in person for that matter)  are weaker, this type of person may just crawl into a hole and stay there; beaten and broken by your words. For these types of people; If you meant to encourage you did the opposite.

What difference does it make to  your life anyway!? If you can’t read what they are saying then move on….. period!

You know I’m reminded of an older woman I know. A sweet older woman, probably not unlike many of our moms and grandmothers. She is not very skilled in social media, but she has ventured out into it none the less, trying to stay up to date on current events and stay in touch with friends and family. She will, on occasion, attempt a comment or a post or two. I asked her why she doesn’t comment more often? I mean she certainly has some wisdom to share with the rest of us!! She looked at me rather shamefully and said she doesn’t like to comment because people make fun of her spelling.  WOW!

So maybe you think she should improve her skills? Maybe I think it doesn’t matter to  you or me if she does or not. At the very least it doesn’t deserve for her to be embarrassed by others due to her lack of skills!  It’s her choice. But it is also our choice to lower ourselves to such a level that we make fun of people for spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc…..

I mean, if that is what you want to do…OK.  I don’t have to like it nor be a part of it, and that is my choice.  And it is.  And I will not take part in that conversation.

And this is my blog, so I get to rant all I want about what I want!   🙂

Now I’m done!

7 thoughts on “Jeesh!! Learn to spell or go back to school!

  1. Oof, I am so with you on the grammar. The way people comment on my posts sometimes and the way some people write at times? Yipes! X(


  2. I’m right with you on this one! I’ve unfriended people on Facebook over their tangents about people’s grammar in posts. How anal can anyone be??? I also have to approve comments and it’s because of this sort of nonsense. I won’t tolerate it. People have the right to say what they want, without someone saying anything about it. Just my two cents.


    • Yes, this is a subject that bothers me a lot! I just had to get it out! And I’m pretty sure it will not be the last time!
      It is a sad day when people can’t even comment or post things without judgement regarding their spelling! People really need to relax! There must be something better for them to do than this!
      I think people take social media A- too seriously
      B- as an excuse to sit anonymously behind a computer and bash people!
      Oh no… I go again! hahaha
      Thanks for the comment Angela!


  3. I agree with you 100% You know what I have found? Many times when someone concentrates on the spelling instead of the subject, it is because they don’t like the subject, it makes them uncomfortable yet they don’t have a valid argument so they go for the spelling. I know I just thank God for spell check! lol


  4. While I appreciate good grammar and spelling, I agree that it’s not necessary to bash a commenter who makes a mistake. What’s funny is that often those bashers make mistakes of their own. That makes me laugh.


    • Oh my Janice!! That is so true!
      I’m sure there are people out here, who are only reading my title thinking ” Boy she is brave!! Better not make any mistakes!!” Haha
      I’m with you Janice!


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