Let your SPACE inspire you!

My Victorian writing pen
See how beautiful it is? It is all crystal.
Even a crystal tip! With a Crystal holder. Love it

I have a special place,in my home, where I write. It is a quiet place, set up in a room where I have a view of the outdoors. It is relaxing and peaceful. It is also beautiful. It encourages good thoughts and reminds me of why I love living in this house, in this town. Reminds me of why I feel so blessed. I also write with a special pen! My pen changes from time to time, but it is always special! I love pens! These pictures are of my current pen! Isn’t it beautiful?!

When we sit down to be grateful for our day, I think it is important if we can do so in a relaxing place, surrounded by inspiring, things/rooms.  Even if your habit is to end your day in bed writing in your journal, that is OK, so long as its a relaxing place for you, which inspires you to easily draw upon your gratitude.  IF you are not able to create a space, or do not feel so inclined, you can also just make sure you write in a nice journal! That is all it takes. A fresh, clean page from a new journal to start this new phase of your life!

I write about how to bring gratitude into your life, and why it is important to our life, to express gratitude. For all the years I have devoted to researching the subject of gratitude and how it can transform your life, one of the most important steps, I have come to realize, is to surround yourself with a relaxing and inspiring space!  There are a few important steps to bring gratitude into your life and this one, is way at the top!  Think about it, if you decide to take the challenge, to write every day, about the gratitude you have experienced each day,which do you think will inspire you more; sitting in a room filled with clutter or a room that is relaxing, one that you enjoy being in?  I feel that a step in the right direction is to take the time to create a space for yourself, one which will inspire in you a relaxing, joyful feeling which will help you to reach for those feelings of gratitude easily!

Your space need not be fancy!  It can be in your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen,your garage, or outside among nature!  It can be anywhere; as long as it feels relaxing!  Set up a little table, hopefully one that you like, a little light, maybe a few candles, and nice scents.  Of course, if it is outside, you can set it up however you want or you can just pick a new spot each day! The key is to be relaxed and inspired! Peaceful, relaxing, and uncluttered are key words.  Try and use this space when you write in your journal. And if you write in bed….that is OK! As long as you feel comfortable, relaxed, and uncluttered in that space; it is good!

So, I am sure by now you are sensing a pattern here; relaxing, uncluttered, peaceful,inspired, these are the words you are looking for to help you easily reach a place of gratitude! Inspired to find your inner gratitude DIVA! Or ……DIVO!  Whichever the case may be!  Haha!

Here are 2 views from my room, the place where I write! These pictures were taken from my chair, so this is the view I actually look at while I am writing! I love it! This room often reminds me just how grateful I am to be where I am at this moment!

This view is firectly in front of me at all times.
This view is directly in front of me at all times.
Sorry it is dark!  This is the view to my right while sitting in my chair!
Sorry it is dark! This is the view to my right while sitting in my chair!