My Soul in Despair


I promise wherever you are today is not where you will be in the future.

Life changes, people change, countries change. That’s life.
Knowing that life is all about ebb and flow, why not relax and enjoy that flow as best as you can.
If only it were that easy, right? I know, I know!

In 2009 I created the title of this blog, not “Our Souls Purpose”, at that time it was “Soul in Despair!” Yes I was in a different place then! I had been “discovering” myself for 2 years and found myself in the grips of a “Dark Night of the Soul” ….. My own personal moment of hell as I remember it. I was deep into my spiritual awakening, it was a critical point in my life. I was changing so much it was pretty painful ! I feel I spent much of my time crying out to The Lord for “clarity” (now I spend my days being grateful.)

The point I am trying to make is…. see how things change? In 2009 the name of the blog reflected where I was at that time and less than a year later, when I actually started blogging, I changed it to what it is now.
Why? Because people change. Change happens. I changed and this name ( our souls purpose) shows where I was a year later! And am now! Now a days I get that. I have faith in the knowledge that change occurs, and hope too, that the change, ultimately, is for my higher good. Not all change is welcomed or easy, but like it or not, it happens. We need to learn ” don’t fight it, flow with it.”
They say ” it’s all good” and it is… Or will be.
I’m living proof of that. Take a look around ….. I’m not the only one!


2 thoughts on “My Soul in Despair

  1. I like the name of your blog now – the original one sounded like a cry for help. Life sure does change and my biggest change was also in 2009. Until then I was probably negative 90% of the time and now I am positive 90% of the time. If I had been writing a blog back then, it wouldn’t have been named I M Confident as it is now, it would have been I M NOT Confident or I M Miserable. Change can be good if we can look at life from a positive perspective and have faith – even the bad things can turn out good and help us learn valuable lessons.


    • I agree 100% I try to look at all change, good and what I perceive as bad, as opportunity for change! I also tell myself repeatedly that it is for my highest good! 🙂

      The original name was a cry for help! I was crying out constantly at that time! I was confused and had no idea what was happening. I did not realize the changes ( of course) that were coming to my life!

      I am like you….total opposite. Now I am positive and grateful 90% of the time! I can remember when I made that statement but the number was 75% !! 🙂

      Thank you for the chat!


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