I AM safe!


I had not planned on writing so much today! I guess I had a lot to say! Now I want to end the day by sharing one of my favorite affirmations. This affirmation is one that I repeat often throughout the day!

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital and have a procedure performed, like most procedures there was an I.V. involved! I dislike I.V.’s, as I am sure most of us do!! I said this affirmation over and over! It worked!

I also repeated ” I am calm in all situations”  If truth be told I said that one over and over as they inserted the I.V. and ya know what? it was the best experience with an I.V. I have ever had.

So here is my all time favorite affirmation ( at least for 2013!)

“I am safe in the Universe! All life loves and supports me”  <————–   It’s a really, really, good thing!


Thank you ALL for your support! As I move nearer and nearer to realizing my dreams, I am so happy to have you all along for the ride! ‘Peace and Love~ Christine


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