Which one would you rather be?


In life we’ll have many opportunities to “prove” our self right! There will be times when we’ve been misquoted, lied to or about, or whatever the case may be, which can lead to these situations! There may come times when we end up in a terrible row with family or friends. At one time or another in our life, some of these things, if not all of these things, can happen and may lead to us wanting to be right!

All I want to say today is this; it will happen and when it does happen (to me) I ask myself one thing…… ” Do I want to be right or happy?” Truly I say this and I answer it. I usually pick happy and move on down the road. It’s just not worth my happiness to be “right”!

As a matter of fact…to be happy IS to be RIGHT! 🙂 *** And successful! *** So WE WIN!

Have a good day!


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