Anxious and Worried!


I know from experience there are many things that can stand in the way of me reaching my goals.  I have had a challenging life and for many years I let that history create blocks in my life. These blocks stopped me from reaching goals and from living a good life in general. It took a real “awakening” of my soul for me to realize this and to start changing it.

First I had to acknowledge my history, and accept that it was not only created by others partaking in my life experience, but it was created by me. I accepted responsibility for my part in the history that I am not happy about. I accepted that I probably would never have let myself get into these situations in the first place if I had more self-worth way back then.  This is how my history applies to me.  This is my story. And once I realized these things I started to make big shifts in my perception of life as well as my reality. My thoughts changed and my life, slowly, started to change.

Probably the biggest shift in the way I thought was in my worries. I had attended church for several years before my “shift”, I was attempting to relieve myself of my constant worry and anxiousness. The life I led had created in me such an anxious worry, that I could never stay focused for long on any given task or goal.  I was aware of this and I wanted to change this pattern of worry but I couldn’t see how!  Until I had my ” awakening” and started to realize that everything was in my control and it was my choice to either continue on this path ( which was not really changing anything on a permanent basis) or I could start making changes beginning with my thoughts.  My thoughts about myself and what had happened in my life up until that point.  It was a process, it took many years of serious desire, study, and a willingness to be open to change.

Anxiousness and worry are not from God. These characteristics can’t serve you in reaching goals or leading a productive happy life.   One of the things I did was to learn a bible verse. This is that verse…..

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

That became my favorite verse which I recited every morning and throughout the day as often as I thought about it.

Nowadays this is my mantra…..

“I approach every situation with love, confidence, and calmness with the knowledge that all outcomes are for my highest good.”

For me these things work! I still feel overwhelmed at times with some situations and I use my affirmations! And yet other times I get so overwhelmed that I have to say a firestorm of affirmations to myself! Sometimes I am so flustered I can’t even get my affirmations out!  In these extreme situations all I can manage is to repeat one word……one word which grounds me and helps to lift whatever emotions I am feeling, so that I can see/think clearly.  And that word is “LOVE”    It works!

Thanks for reading……have a great day!

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