OMGosh! Did you SeE ThaT Picture?


I was going to put a picture up that was the type that is mentioned in this post, but I could not bring myself to have a picture like that on my blog; even if only for the article. So enjoy the flower! Isn’t it pretty?! My daughter has these in her front yard, her husband gave them to her 🙂

And so on to the rant post! 

Have you ever seen those pictures people post all over the internet of other peoples embarrassing moments?  You know the ones I mean! The one with the woman in Walmart who is wearing shorts 5 sizes too small for her or the girl who had an accident before she could make it to a restroom?  Yeah! You know those pictures!

So this morning I see a picture like that on my FB Feed and I immediately want to say something to the person who posted it…well actually I wanted to say something to all the people who replied to the picture.  Because when I saw the picture I also saw there were 12 comments and I thought for sure that some of those comments would be people giving their opinion, saying something like how cruel and love-LESS an act it is to post such pictures of people. What I found though were 12 comments of people making fun of the person in the picture.  So yes!!! I wanted to say something to all of those people!

Of course (as I am trying to do more and more these days) I took a few minutes to think about that.  Do I really want to say something to these people? I mean they will rake me  over the coals for daring to speak up,  but then I think to myself  “AH but that is exactly why I should say something, don’t be afraid to speak up!” But then my other self says “is that really what you should do? Cause this picture, and these Peoples juvenile and heartless behavior, to explode into a huge debate so that even more attention is drawn to the poor person in the photo?    Boy that is not what I was trying to do here! And then of course I thought about what I was doing with my whole line of thinking.  At that moment. I was being angry, and judgmental, and I definitely had no love for these people, although I had love for the person in the photo.  But is that good enough? Yes….in some cases absolutely, I think. I think sometimes we need to stand up for others, even if it can be interpreted as coming from an angry place, or  being less than love. But devaluing one person for the sake of another….I just do not know, that is dangerous territory which we should think long and hard about going into.

I just think we need to pick our battles carefully when we are thinking about coming at others, albeit angry mean-spirited others, because it may turn ugly and it will attract a lot of angry people. It will cause division and that is never a good thing.  There has to be better ways to deal with this type of behavior!

But…….sometimes I want to throw out the love thoughts and just blast people who have no consideration for others ! One of the worst parts is that these same people would stand up against bullying…..isn’t this a form of bullying?  Making fun of others for the way they look, dress, speak,live,etc……..?   OH and while it may be termed “making fun” of others this in no way is a fun activity; or shouldn’t be!  These comments, as are the others you see way too often on the internet, were nasty, mean-spirited comments that gave off low…low….energy and was nothing but devaluing other people.  You can’t come from a place of love or attract the right kind of love for yourself when you are devaluing others.

So what is the answer? For now I am blogging about it and praying about it. I am sending love to those people who choose to use their time to hurt others.  And I am sending lots of positive thoughts and love to those who are hurt daily by bullies; such as the ones I saw this morning on Facebook.

What do you think about these types of photos on the internet and the mean-spirited debates that so often follow? And I am not just speaking of the unknown persons picture but also the famous. Celebrity photos are harsh and cruel at times , I do not subscribe to the notion that they opened their lives up to judgement and criticism.  But I digress…….

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “OMGosh! Did you SeE ThaT Picture?

  1. Bullying on-line is cyberbullying and it is much worse than traditional person-to-person bullying because it is continuous 24/7. I was bullied as a child so I understand how much it can damage a person’s esteem. There is no excuse for anyone to be so mean, but unfortunately a growing number of people think it is okay. When we see anyone being bullied, we should stand up and help that person but this is hard when the bullying is done on-line. You are right about picking our battles because jumping into a conversation and stating your opinion can attract angry people who are looking for an argument. I try to comment only when I think it might make a good point but I try to be very neutral. Prayer is always good and I ask God what I should say in these situations.

    There is a good book on bullying that I picked up from a presentation I recently attended. It is written by the mother of girl who was bullied. Her site is


    • Thank you for that information and for your thoughts! I agree 100%. Cyber bullying is so different than traditional bullying AND is being perpetrated by adults who otherwise wouldn’t do it and do not , in many cases, realize they ARE doing it!
      I am sorry to hear you were bullied. I as well was , back a million years ago in middle school. It’s a terrible
      Place to be.
      I will visit that website!


      • Bullying is a complex issue that will probably never be stopped because there are problems coming from both sides. One the one side, you have the victim who is bullied because they have low esteem and they can’t stand up for themselves. On the other side, you have the bullies who usually have low-esteem themselves because they grew up in an environment where they were bullied or abused and they don’t know how to act any differently. Their anger and bitterness causes them to bully so they can have power. Most people want to punish the bullies and help the victim, but if we want to stop bullying, we also need to help the bully.

        My theory is that a lot of bullying could be stopped by helping children build esteem. When children feel good about themselves, they are better equipped to handle bullying because they have self-respect. Then they will become responsible adults who would not consider treating anyone with such disrespect. Some schools are starting to get involved in anti-bullying campaigns, but I think it would be far more beneficial for schools to have programs that would help build esteem and promote kindness.


      • Again I agree! We devalue
        Others when we do not value ourselves.
        As you said, if we are raised to value ourselves, respect ourselves , love ourselves , we would not only not consider devaluing another, we wouldn’t stand for it in our society. Not that we “stand” for it now but we certainly seem to be at a loss as a society as To how to remedy it.


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