Shame,Guilt,Vulnerability, COURAGE!



I watched OWN TV ‘s Super Soul Sunday where Oprah’s guest was Brene Brown the author of “Daring Greatly”.  As I watched I found myself riveted to the TV, listening as she spoke about her book and her research into the Human Connection and specifically Shame.

In her book she writes about vulnerability and shame as well as gratitude and courage! if you are like me you will resonate with it! She talks about Shame and what it does to your life, what it is doing to our world and the fact that a lot of people can’t see they even have shame. She talks about the differences between, Guilt, Shame, and Humiliation, which she describes in terms that you will understand.

Also in the book she has created “manifestos”.  Like the parenting manifesto, or the leadership manifesto, this alone makes the book so worth getting!   Read it, then copy , print, and put these manifestos up in your home or let it inspire you to create your own manifesto. Which ever.  For me it caused me a bit of regret ( I know) that “I didn’t know then what I know now ” about raising my kids. Oh how different things would be! But that in itself tells me to “let it go” because I would not change a thing.

So, I will just say this…… get the book! Regardless of whether you are a parent, or a business person, or someone who is continuously running into walls with respect to achieving goals, whatever the case, this book will be an eye opener and very possibly a life changer!



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