I am


It’s simple……. I AM Simple! I am not complicated, period.

I believe in God,

I love my family,

I love my friends,

I’m loyal,

I think in simple terms, I treat you how I want to be treated with hope you will do the same for me.  ( but am learning not to expect it….just hope for it)

I am thick-headed!!  Between my loyalty and thick headed-ness I will hang on to a relationship (probably) a lot longer than I should.

I am a faithful ( hope filled) person. Forever the optimist.

I am a gratitude filled person! I believe living a gratitude filled life is a life changer.

I believe in the power of forgiveness! I believe we all have the ability to forgive.

Call me a dreamer, go ahead! Because I AM! And I am proud of it!

I try not to judge and ( again ) hope you will return the favor.

Having said all of this I do make mistakes; I am after all only human.

But I enjoy waking up each morning to the challenge of another day; hopefully better than the day before.

So on my blog, while you may not read anything too scientific or too complicated, I do hope what you read, while simple, will be deep enough and meaningful enough, to have an impact.

OH! One more thing!! I believe LOVE has the POWER to change your life and our world!

Peace and Love~ Christine



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