Love…what is it good for?



Love begets love which in turn begets love and so on!

Love…what is it good for? More love!

Smile and I smile with you.  Give and I give! I learn by example. I feel by experience. My emotions are created on a moment by moment basis, which means, YOU have the POWER to create love, anger, fear, shame,guilt,joy,happiness, within my day, my life.

We all know ultimately I have the power to create my own reactions, my own thoughts, it is my choice how I will feel today! But we also know not everyone understands or accepts this idea! Not everyone is tapped into this amazing ability that we all have inside us; the ability to OWN our reactions and thoughts. So if we know not everyone has it, then are we not called on to be ever so careful and considerate when dealing with everyone around us. And that is another good point; we need to be considerate of everyone, not some people, but everyone because we never know who may be hurting or weak at the moment, even those who otherwise are living an enlightened life can have a bad day.

Lead by example. Be careful of others who may be fragile at the moment, we know not what they are feeling and going through at the moment!

Ah…so it always comes back to “words” are powerful tools, as are smiles, hugs, love!  Use your tools “your powers” for good!

Go forth and procreate LOVE!   🙂   Christine

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