Wanna Catch Some BEES?

beesYesterday I was reminded of this old saying “You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”  and as I pointed out yesterday, and will again today, I do not know why I would want to catch bees but I know what the saying means and it surely applies to what I see going on with people more and more, especially with the internet.

The internet allows us all to hide behind a shroud of secrecy and be people we would never have the courage to be to a persons face. But hidden behind the anonymity of computers and keyboards we have oh so much courage, but not so much smarts!

I see people, who may actually have a valid point, in a public disagreement lose all credibility by being nasty, mean-spirited, and a loudmouth! Someone that they may not be ( I can only hope) if it were not for the computer screen in front of them! People need to take a step back and realize they will win people over a lot more often, and win friends too, if they can have disagreements without all the drama and mean-spirited behavior!  There is too much drama floating around out there these days!

We will all be a lot happier if we just think “LOVE”, “PEACE”,  AND “QUIET”<——– see how I did that? “Peace and Quiet”…cause the arguments are loud….and dramatic, makes my head hurt!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Wanna Catch Some BEES?

  1. I totally agree with you. People are getting meaner and nastier because they can hide behind a screen. Yesterday I read a blog from a lady who was having a rough day and I sent some comments to encourage her. Her reply back to me was mean and basically telling me to mind my own business. I was shocked but I sent back a reply telling her that I wished her the best anyway. Her final reply was much nicer but it didn’t erase the comments she had already said. I might have been interested in following her blog but I won’t now. She sure didn’t win my support. There is definitely too much drama out there!!!


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