I Have STUFF to Say!


Today is a repeat kind of day! I’ve decided to start compiling “things” I’ve said into one place!  An archive of my “Pearls of Wisdom” if you will! So here it is! This is my start…….
You do not have to read it, after all I am just repeating myself…again!


“Be grateful for the hard times ! Hard times make us who we are and allows us to appreciate the good times!”


My advice on what to do when confronted with a negative person!!

“SMILE! WAVE! AND WISH THEM A GOOD DAY! 🙂 There is no reason negativity has to make a difference in your day or your mood! Rise above it and move on!”


“If you’re not happy with your life as it is, write a new story! This is one of the most amazing things about life- it’s your choice to stay on your current course OR to head in a different direction. I think too many people feel like their story was written long ago and they have no choice. Once you realize the choice is yours…. The feeling of empowerment is powerful!!”


“It’s not good to judge others, but even worse is when we judge people based upon who they once were and not who they are today. Allow others to grow….and change!”


“Constructive criticism is a good thing! But it is all in the delivery! If you are going to hand out advice in the form of constructive criticism it may be a good idea to begin with something positive!”


I imagine this one has been said a lot by many different people

“Have the courage to live your life the way God intended it!”


“If I asked you “Do you love yourself?” what would you say? Do you judge your self? Criticize yourself? That is self-abuse. Self-criticism and self-judgement are forms of self-abuse. And we all know ABUSE is NOT love!”


“I have Faith that as long as I persist I will succeed! Some days it feels like the road is EXTRA long! But I will continue! At least I am having FUN along the way!! I hope you persist in your dreams and goals! YOU CAN DO IT!”


“Good morning! Are you planning on today being the BEST DAY of your life?! If not…why? Plan it, say it, own it! Today is going to be the BEST DAY YET!!”


“Who do you need to forgive? While you search your heart for those that have transgressed against you do not forget to look in the mirror and make sure you have forgiven YOU.”

I’ve got many, many, more! But I will save them for another day, another post!
Until then-
Peace and Love~ Christine

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