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Grateful today for our ability to forgive! We all need it at one time or another! We need to know how to give it and how to receive it! There are people who can’t let themselves be forgiven, they do not feel worthy! Think about this, IF you can forgive others what makes them more worthy than YOU to receive? Nothing! Receive your forgiveness today and move on with your life!

Learn to receive your blessings to realize your dreams!

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    • Thank you! Forgiveness is something I write a lot about. It’s often on my mind. In my life I have had a few things that I needed forgiveness for and that I needed to forgive and let go of!
      Thank you for reading!
      Peace and Love~Christine


      • I do not know it. I do know his writing , just not that particular book! I’m sure it’s good. I love reading and writing about forgiveness. It’s such a huge part of my writing , that and gratitude. :). I will have to look the book up!
        Thank you!


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