Use It Or Lose It!!



We have all heard this said in reference to our brains and our bodies , but what if it also applied to our heart and soul! Or our ability to forgive and be kind? Use it or lose it! Wow…imagine if it were a muscle and could atrophy!

Well I think it is and it does! I think the more we exercise our forgiveness muscle, the easier it is to forgive, and the more we exercise our kindness muscle the easier it is to be kind!  If you do not practice being forgiving and kind it becomes harder to be those things at all!  I think a person gradually stops thinking about extending forgiveness or kindness to others. I think a person will find it easier to hold grudges and hang on to anger.

Love deeply and meaningfully. Reach out your hand to someone in need and warm your soul. Wake up and choose to be grateful and happy.

Use it or lose it!

2 thoughts on “Use It Or Lose It!!

  1. I’m not great at this award thing. About 2 weeks ago I nominated or gave, whichever word you like….you the Liebster Award. I was told there were no rules but since have discovered you’re supposed to tell 11 things about yourself. Your choice. Sorry for the delay. Like your writing!!!! I have a search bar, just put in Liebster it should give you what you need but my icon messed up so you might want to do a WordPress search instead to get the icon. Should you want it. 💚


    • Good morning! Nice to hear from you today! I hope you are having a great day 🙂

      I checked the award post but did not see my blog as one that you nominated.
      I’m pretty sure I checked the right post.
      Let me know!
      Peace and Love~ Christine


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