Be Healed…… Then Pay It Forward!

healingI began my education as a way to heal myself. I am not sure if this is a common practice, but it is what I did.  I’d been walking a path of self discovery and spiritual growth for about 4 years when I decided to further my education as a way of healing myself.

When I enrolled in school I’d been doing anything I could to help with my spiritual growth such as classes, seminars, reading books, listening to audio books, anything I could think of that would help me grow. I’d been doing this about 4 years and while I had learned and grown a great deal, I still had not broken through the walls which were keeping me from reaching my goals.  After a while I felt, with guidance from a spiritual mentor, that I needed to take my education further. My mentor felt I needed to be healed ( there is back story here that I am not going into. Trust me I needed healing), and then I needed to go on to heal others. I took what she said to heart and decided it was time to get a little more aggressive about making it happen, which is why I enrolled in school.

And that is exactly what happened! I began my healing process and in time I started, in a very organic way, to heal others. As I get closer to the end of my education I find that I am attracting people who need me.  This is awesome!  I already have 4 clients* and am not out of school!

** Because of that little fact I do not charge them…yet !   😉

There is nothing more satisfying in life than to help others, that “help” can come in many shapes and sizes, for me it comes in the form of listening,loyalty,love,forgiveness, encouragement and ultimately healing!  These are the things I learned that changed my life and they are what I give back to others and ultimately will have an impact on their lives.

So Be Healed, then go out and heal someone else! “I am not a healer” You say? All I can tell you is to jump in with both feet! Don’t hold back, keep an open mind! Be there for another and ask God to lead you….go in with intent and be ready to help! It will happen.

Oh and one bit of advice;when you start “being there” for someone do not just dump them for no reason, communication is of utmost importance in these matters. If you are not committed to the long haul then don’t get started, you could cause more harm than good.

Peace and Love~ Christine


2 thoughts on “Be Healed…… Then Pay It Forward!

  1. I totally believe that education will help a person heal because this is how I was healed. I was a very broken person and needed healing badly. Something inside of me wanted to understand why my life was in such a mess so I started to do research by reading, listening to tapes, watching documentaries and attending workshops. Learning will help us grow and move forward in life.

    I also started volunteering with a support group and helping others by listening to their problems. This led me to create a website and do my own workshops to help others build esteem and overcome depression. I have become so busy with my project that I don’t have time to be depressed or think about my problems that have become very small and unimportant.

    Too many people hope that somebody else will help them heal instead of doing something themselves and they stay stuck right where they are. ACTION is the key word. Stepping out of your own problems and helping others is an excellent way to help yourself.


    • Glad you found your path to healing through education ! I know it works and so do you! And so can others!
      Thank you for the comment! Peace to you!
      Sorry, I did not see your entire message! Just want to add how awesome it is what you are doing! You are a perfect example of what my post is about!
      Thank you! Thank you!
      Peace and Love~ Christine


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