Nobody Said It Would Be Easy!


Life is not easy. As I recall nobody said it would be. While it may not be easy it can be easier! As Wayne Dyer says; there is a spiritual solution to every problem. Years ago, before my journey of change and spiritual growth began, facing situations that were less than ideal could cause me great stress and anxiety. I always felt, well my EGO always felt, it had to be in control and when it was not it caused much havoc in my life. I think situations felt bigger than they necessarily were.

Today, after much spiritual growth, I am able to see a situation for what it really is, even the big events are manageable.  How did I do it? Well for me what worked was gratitude! Seriously….gratitude has changed my life. The change began with getting a positive attitude, that was not easy, but after time it began working and changing my life! Now I have mastered the secret of living a gratitude filled life.

Recently I’ve been faced with a few challenges. These challenges were and still are so big that my growth was put to the test. And I have passed! But not without work! It was not easy!  There were times upon waking and throughout the day that I had to repeat over and over just how grateful I am for all I have….even the situations at hand! Yes, it was hard but I was victorious! I won! And I AM HAPPY!

I pray happiness for you too!

Peace and Love~ Christine

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