I AM Thankful!

The Gratitude Diva

MyBannerMaker_Banner(19)Everyday I wake up and say “thank you” before getting out of bed. Sometimes as the day starts I find that I need to repeat “thank you” over and over to get to that place where I need to be.

Lately, with everything we have gone through,and are still going through, I have found that I need to remind myself to repeat this over and over….it does work. This morning and this afternoon, I had to repeat it and then repeat  over and over ” Lord, it is in your hands and I thank you for all that is happening and is to come! Because I do know it is in your hands and it is all going to be OK” I repeat that and just plain “thank you”.

I found that, at times, I started pleading with God to help us!! And I would quickly remember, be thankful! Be…

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