What Do You Do With FAkE PeOpLE?


fakeWhat do you do when faced with fake people? Do you gossip about them? Do you pity them? Do you UNfriend them? LOL

What do you do?

I wonder if the first thing you do is look in the mirror? Harsh? I don’t think so. I am talking about all of us, me included. Fake people happen! It is a fact of life. We hope that the people we call “friend” is not one of them but it does happen. The truth is so many people wear so many masks, for various reasons, that it is hard to tell. And they are not necessarily coming from a bad place.  They do not have to be bad people, maybe just misguided. Some people may need to learn who they are. Find their true authentic self before they can learn to relax  in their own skin and better yet….let you be who you are.  A fake person, sometimes hurts those closest to them and yes, sometimes fake people are on a deliberate course to destroy you.

But even so, we still need to take the minute or so to stop and make sure we do not judge them…..because “there but for the grace of God, goes ME”

Remove yourself from their path if you must, but do not be as they are. Do not talk behind their back, or any of the many other things a fake person is known to do!  Just be you and rise above it! Let them have their illusion. You go on living your best authentic life.

Remember-The best revenge is SUCCESS!  ~Peace and Love~ Christinesuccess2

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