Do You Allow People To Grow?

change3We talk about people changing all the time. You hear others talk about it, you  hear coaches talk about our ability to change. We see it everywhere. It is obviously something that we are not only able to do,  but it is something that is desirable.

My question is; are you one of those people who do not allow others to change? You may not understand what I mean by this, maybe you do? There are some of us who, as much as we claim we want someone to change or as much as we dislike a characteristic about someone else, once they change we do not see it. It is normal, I guess, that it may take some time. I guess that is why people are fond of saying it will take time to earn back their trust after you have hurt them in some way. But, I have seen, firsthand, that there are some people who will change, I mean make great strides, and no matter what, there are some people in their life, who will just not see it.

When they look at this person they forever see the other person, the person they once were.

Are you allowing others to grow and change in their life? Are you encouraging others as best you can? Or are you holding up the past as if it is a permanent picture of who they are and who they will always be?  Before you tell people that they can change make sure you believe it.

People do, after all, see what they want to see, what they believe is what they see.

Peace and Love~ Christine


6 thoughts on “Do You Allow People To Grow?

  1. You are so right. We can be blinded at to what we see in other people and sometimes we don’t even notice if they have changed or maybe don’t want to acknowledge any changes. \
    If we truly want others to change, we need to encourage them, believe that they can change and be observant when they do make changes so we can give them the great big pat on the back that they deserve.


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