Do You Write From Your Soul Or ?


“Why do you write?”  The question came to me the other day from someone reading my blog. My answer; “Why? For my souls journey! I write for my soul! It is love for me! That is my WHY!

If you write, what is your Why? Do you write for your soul? Not everyone does, some people write for money, some people write for educating others, not everyone writes because they are moved in the spirit to do so. And there is nothing wrong with any of that! The differences are what makes for a very interesting library! Don’t you think?

Even if someone is not writing from their soul they are probably still writing from passion. It may be passion for the benefit of their bank account, but passion and motivation none the less! As for me, I write from my soul, for my soul. But that is me. I do also want to educate or enlighten others. I do want to” make a difference”  in the world. The thought that my writing, one day may move another persons soul, is a very passionate dream of mine.

I am a soul writer.

Writing for me is a very intimate thing. Most days the words flow from me like a fountain. I write in my journal daily ( I try) and I bring some of that here to my online blog. I am writing a book on Forgiveness. I’ve written this book for 2 years now! I have compiled much information about Forgiveness, if you spend any amount of time on this blog or my Facebook page, you are aware of this fact! (SMILE)  I am almost finished with an e-book version which will cover steps and tips on How To Forgive!

I wrote this e-book because a reader asked me a specific question in Sept 2011 on HOW do I forgive? She had no clue how to start. I never really about it.  The fact that someone may not know how to actually start the process of forgiveness! I had just started gathering my info for the book at that time when this question came. Here is a link to that post, if you wold like to read it. I may re-post it later.

Peace and Love~ Christine