Will YOU Recognize Your Soul Mate?

soul-mate-quoteEat, Pray, Love~ I have not read the book, I saw the movie and it was amazing!  I found this quote while searching for a quote on…duh~ soul mates!  HA!    I love the quote because it speaks to me at this moment. Yes, and always! I realized I have had a few soul mates in my life.  They have come into my life and made me love them…..three were women! See, a Soul Mate, is not necessarily a lover, !  And three of my, self-proclaimed, soul mates, were indeed women.

As this quote says, they came into my life just to” reveal another layer of myself” and then they leave.  I have a hard time with the process, because it so often feels like betrayal, that is the process leading up to the leaving. But the actual leaving…. Ah now I bet you think I am going to say “the leaving has always been the hardest?” well, no, in fact,  it hasn’t.  I have never taken betrayal well and the process leading up to a break up of a relationship feels like betrayal. And if it feels like betrayal then my ego will certainly tell me it is betrayal and goes into “protect” mode!  And what does not serve me I have no problem letting go of!  I will always love…but sometimes there is no benefit to having a one on one relationship any longer!

Now you will see I am entering a new phase in my life. And you get to watch as it unfolds! We will see where it goes, together!  This is the first time in my life that I am going to attempt to let go and let God, about a situation such as this one!

Yes, it feels like betrayal! And I have more than enough evidence, if you will, to back up that thought and believe me my ego is making sure I do not forget that!

BUT I am giving it to God and will meditate on this every day until I have the guidance I need. I know God will continue to lead me in the right direction and for that I am grateful!  And I have the benefit of knowing that God has lead me through much more than this up until now! God is as faithful as we should be to each other.

And you know what else I am Grateful for today?  YOU! I love that I can come here and know that you listen and there will be sage advice headed my way!

Peace and Love~ Christine

12 thoughts on “Will YOU Recognize Your Soul Mate?

  1. Good points, but I disagree that soul mates always leave. If you mean this in the context that one or the other of you will die first, or that your relationship may change and end after time, I could perhaps accept the generalization. But I have had friends who have been soul-mates for 60 years, my husband was my soul-mate for 15 years until his death and my present soul-mate has been my friend for 3 years now. I absolutely agree that they come into our lives to reveal another side of our personality, but I do not agree with the suggestion that it is a necessary part of the process to part after this epiphany.


    • Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comments! I appreciate them! Thank you too for visiting my blog!

      Regarding the comment about Soul Mates always leaving. I absolutely know that some Soul Mates stay…. Forever!! The actual reference came from the quote, but I agreed, that it was indeed true for me!! I was referencing a particular couple of soul mates who did not stay, but were meaningful to my life path. So, regarding these Soul Mates, it was indeed true.
      When I read your comment my first reaction was one of disbelief!! Haha!! I was thinking…. I would never say that! LOL. Well I guess in some context I believe this to be true, but definitely not as a rule!
      I had to go back and read my post!
      Thank you for getting me thinking this Sunday afternoon!
      I hope you visit again, soon!


  2. A person is blessed in life to have one or more soul mates. It is a rare gift… I have been blessed with several and so love and appreciate each one of them as they appeared in different time zones of my life.


    • Beautiful Janice! Thank you!
      I too appreciate, and have nothing but love, for the people who have come into my life in the most treasured role of Soul Mate!


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