Will You Answer This Question?


Prayer to me is the way I connect with God. It is my constant communication. It is my way to say thank you! It is when I am still and listen for Him. It is how I re-energize! I think my prayers and meditation are always just flowing one from the other. I notice when I describe prayer it sounds like meditation, which I guess, I think, is pretty cool! I can meditate without closing my eyes…much better for driving! (SMILE)

What does Prayer mean to you?

Peace and Love~ Christine

6 thoughts on “Will You Answer This Question?

  1. I like being about to talk about anything, at anytime to one that knows me inside and out. He knows me better than I know me! There is no struggle to get Him to understand what I am trying to say. I like the feeling I have after prayer. I know that I have been heard and that the answer is on the way. Everywhere I look, there are so many things to be thankful for, especially for grace!


  2. Prayer means that I am focusing directly on talking to God. All other distractions are put aside and my heart is open to communication. I can say anything that comes into my mind and patiently wait for His answer. Prayer calms me and gives me peace.


  3. Prayer to me is making God amazingly real. Always believed in prayer and was raised this way as well, but now I will be driving down the road or walking my dog thanking God for all his goodness and prayers for wisdom.


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