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The Return of the Modern Philosopher

igloosTwo huge Winter storms over the past week have led to an exponential increase in Maine’s Snowman population.  Unfortunately, there are not enough igloos  available to house all of the state’s new residents.  As a result, volunteers from the Job Corps and Habitat For Humanity, as well as groups of local children, have taken to the streets to build structures to make sure the Snowmen do not become a part of Maine’s growing homeless problem.

“People seem to forget that it gets absolutely frigid here at night, and even Snowmen are susceptible to the elements,” explained Joey McBain of Habitat For Humanity.  “And it’s not like we can just send them to the local shelters.”

As a result, igloo camps are popping up all over Brewer and Bangor this afternoon.  This Modern Philosopher even got into the act and helped to assemble three Eskimo tents (that’s what the volunteers call…

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