It Began With Forgiveness……

Her life began in that diner, on that day many years ago, when she was still only a girl. It began when she learned to forgive the unforgivable.

Many years ago a girl sat in a diner alone, after having been terribly abused her whole young life. Abuse was all she had known, then one day she was tossed out, as if she did not matter to anyone. This is how she came to be at the diner that day, as she sat there not knowing what her next move would be she realized, without knowing why, that it was important for her to forgive all the people in her life who had hurt her, abused her, betrayed her.  She learned a lesson that day, one that seemingly came to her out of nowhere; from a voice deep within her,  a lesson that takes most of us a lifetime to learn. But I guess she had lived a lifetime at this point, even though she was only 17.

She did not understand then, but would many years later, why it was so important to forgive the unforgivable things that happened in her life and the people who committed them. One day she would understand that the love God gave to her, He gave freely, so she too needed to return that love to everyone.  She came to know that she could not pick who was to receive it; it was to be given freely to all she knew and that included the people who betrayed her! Not just the random betrayals, but the most serious ones, she needed to forgive the people in her life who hurt her the deepest, those people who should have loved her ,cared for her, the ones she feared every day!  They were the ones she needed to forgive first.

Could you do that?

This is where her story really began. That day, in that diner, she forgave and began living.