A Good Read For A Cold Wintery Night !



I was watching Super Soul Sunday on OWN the other day, the guest being interviewed was Dr. Eben Alexander. He was speaking to Oprah about his book “Proof of Heaven”. It is a good episode, I highly recommend you watch it if you get a chance! After watching it I decided to go to Barnes and Noble to read a bit of his book and see if I wanted to buy it. After reading the prologue I needed to read no further! I knew I wanted to buy this book; it is a great read.

I have read several books on the subject of life after death or NDE. While I have found them very interesting, especially my most recent read of “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani, this book by Dr. Alexander is much more interesting to me than anything I have read before.

Dr. Alexander is a NeuroSurgeon who contracted Bacterial Meningitis.  The story is about his unlikely survival from this illness, which has a very low rate of survival. While he did manage to survive and recover he did not do so completely unscathed! He experienced something that, once he recovered the memory of it, he had an overwhelming need to share with others.

The first thing I noticed about his writing, and I think he is an excellent writer, is that he is able to write about neurology and science in a way that the average person can understand it! I love that!  The second thing I noticed, and appreciate so much, is that he does not bog down his story with a lot of back story while attempting to get to the meat of the matter! So to speak. Which creates a very easy and interesting read.

So here I sit at home, with another Winter weather advisory being reported, with a good book and a hot chocolate!

Hope you enjoy your evening as well!

Peace and Love~




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    • I read parts of that book in B&N one time. I have not bought it yet. I may now that I have a personal recommendation ;). Thank you.

      I read half of this book last night and plan on finishing it this morning. So far, very good!
      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!!
      Have a great weekend!


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